We recommend the following resources for information and advice on sustainable practices:

Sustainable Choices

A comprehensive database of more than 150 choices you can make in your journey toward sustainability. Each entry includes balanced complete pros and cons.

Earth 911

A major resource of information and recommendations on sustainable choices, with an emphasis on reducing waste. Their newsletter is highly informative. Earth 911 was founded by Mitch Ratcliffe, veteran technology journalist.

Homegrown National Park

The goal of Homegrown National Park is for private landowners to set aside as many acres of land for conservation as the National Park System of the United States: 20 million acres. The specific reason is the preservation of biodiversity.

Happy Eco News

Happy Eco News provides readers with positive information about the environment and the people working to improve it. Founded in 2018 by environmental activist Grant Brown, Happy Eco News is intended to counteract the near-constant drip of negative environmental news on social media.